Can you spot where BECCA Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill is???

I always enjoyed reading blogs about makeup products looking at pictures and colour swatches. Watching you tube videos on how to highlight & contour and how to do the perfect wing liner. A you  tuber named Jaclyn Hill took highlighting to a different level I watch her videos by the way and she is very very good at what she does. The picture above shows a swatch of 3 highlighters, 3 single eyeshadows and an eyeshadow palette. My question is can you guess which one is Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne pop by BECCA which on its first day of launching was sold out straight away.

I love shimmery makeup products in general even when I swatch makeup products I always tend to fall in love with something very shimmery now that’s just me I still love MATTES though.

Now going back to highlighters I myself can’t really wear them well specially on my cheek area because I definitely don’t want to highlight any large pores I own. When I use highlighters I would mainly apply them on my cupids bow , brow bone , bridge of my nose (made up one) 😘 on my cheeks i do it ever so lightly.  But yeah some girls can ROCK the highlighting game me nah not really I still love them though.

Moving  on…..

Tadaahh here are the products and truth be told I reach for the cheapest one to wear myself nothing against BECCA Jaclyn Hill Champagne pop lovers.. I love this highlighter too just want to let others know that you have other options as well. Now they say its universally flattering maybe that us true. Maybe it does look well on most girls. It does go on nicely very buttery and the pigmentation is just amazing having said that the cheaper alternative also performs well.  

And if you think you can’t wear eyeshadows as highlighters you’re wrong if you can apply it on your eyes then surely you can use it on your cheeks, brow bone & cupids bow only be careful what shade to use as Highlighter make sure it compliments your skin tones 😘😘

Tell me which of the swatched shades above is your most preferred?.

Makeup wear it your way😘


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