Eyeshadow primers do you really need them???

An eyeshadow primer is a  makeup product that might just be the most important product you will own. 

What it does? It keeps your eyeshadow in place so your hardwork stays on until you decide to take it off. It enhances the colours  of your eyeshadows, using a primer underneath will make the colours of your eyeshadow more vibrant & look freshly applied after few hours.

I’m still looking for the best eyeshadow primer I haven’t tried all of them but I did try a couple already so let’s begin…


A lot of makeup bloggers and vloggers swear that this is the best eyeshadow primer ever. It’s the best i suppose if you have normal to dry skin type  not my case. I have oily skin therefore my eyelids could get very oily and eyeshadows starts creasing and fading this for me won’t be the best it’s good for oily skin but would only last for 4-6 hours on me. I didn’t have to pay for this primer as it came packaged in NAKED 1 palette eyeshadow you get 3.7 ml of product which is not bad the packaging is pretty but you will need scissors if you want to use the last drop of the primer.


M.A.C paint pot in Painterly this is another favourite among bloggers and vloggers. I actually love this primer myself  creamy and easy to blend they have plenty of colour choice to choose from. I would love to own Soft Ocre shade which is think is lighter than painterly  my only complaint is it’s a bit pricey. It’s โ‚ฌ21  and you get 5grams in the pot I love the packaging because you can get the very last product and reuse the pot to store some other cosmetic products when travelling (recycle)


The Make-up atelier Paris Magic primer I’m actually a bit disappointed with this primer Make-up Atelier Paris are one of the best names amongst makeup artist professionals I bought this because I heard great reviews on YOUTUBE  about their products. So in the search for the best eyeshadow primer I purchased this two years ago even bought one cream eyeshadow and I’m not happy at all with the performance it’s pricey too..if I remember it right it’s about  โ‚ฌ18  you get 15 ml of this clear liquid product. I might give it a try tomorrow and see how long it will really last on my eyelids.


LA splash Till midnight  Elix’r eyeshadow primer is an american brand it claims to be water resistant and I must say I’m impressed with this one  my eyeshadow is still on after 12hours and I was wearing this one at work today in a warm humid environment. The price is ok it’s  โ‚ฌ16 and you get 5ml packaging is pretty with the dropper applicator which is very hygienic but you won’t be able to use up the last frop with this type of packaging. 


Last but not the least W7 GO concealer I bought all 4 of them because they we’re very cheap  โ‚ฌ1.50 each and I’m not kidding this babies are like dupes for M.A.C paint pots. Very very pigmented very little product goes a long way. You get 7 grams of product in one pot now that’s value for money and you might say what is a concealer doing here among eyeshadow primers well i won’t be the first to say this but you can use concealers as eyeshadow primers and I did use them myself, remember I have oily lids this guys kept my eyeshadow on all day until I took off my makeup. Love this products.

Do you have your favourite eyeshadow primer?

Can you suggest one that would be good for oily skin?

 Always remember…..

Makeup wear it your way๐Ÿ’‹


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