Technic Colour fix/max Makeup review.

I’m very new to blogging I always loved reading blogs about makeup product reviews colour swatches. I told myself if this product is getting a great reviews then its worth owning it; so I started buying products with good reviews. I started with affordable ones until my skills improved in applying makeup then upgraded a small bit with products. 

This brand is not so popular  I picked this up at SHAWS department stores in Limerick and they sell for €5.99 per palette  which is very cheap per palette. So I got the Bronze Palette and Blush palette and 2 baked eyeshadows. All the Eyeshadows are shimmery the Bronze palette has 2 shimmer shades and thr rest are all matte shades. The blush are all matte shades too. 

The baked eyeshadow palette are huge the packaging are pretty and is made of plastic so try not to drop this babies .Each colour is 2 grams and you get 6 shades that’s a lot of product so 1eyeshadow = €1 to me that’s great value. I didn’t wear this baked eyeshadows just yet so I don’t know how well they wear and apply. I did use the blush and bronze palettes today.

One swatch texture is not bad at all very easy to blend but a little bit powdery but this colours are for the Neutral shade lovers.  I love my pop of colours but I always use neautral shades for blending . The 4 colours on the left are the 4 pans on the  left sidr of the palette 4 colours next to it are the pans on the right side of the palette. 

Each pan contains 3.5 grams of products and you get 8 shades for €5.99 that’s a bargain. 

The blush palette swatched from top row starting from left to right.

The shades are very pretty texture and pigmentation is good  a little bit powdery  but then agaib it’s  €5.99 and you get 8 shades 3.5 grams each. It’s a pretty bargain.  Now unlike other makeup brands they don’t have names or numbers for their palette or the shades. For me that’s ok I will just mix & match the colours and experiment.

I created this makeup look this morning using the blush and bronze palettes as eyeshadows I used a darker shade from a different brand because their was no dark shade from the palette to create the look I was going for. 

All the colours I used from the palette blended well and it stayed on my eyes for 12 hours using a concealer as an eyeshadow base now that made me happy.

To me this are Beauty bargains. Do you need them in your makeup bag? If you have your favourite blush, bronzer & eyeshadow in your makeup bag then you don’t need them. If your starting with makeup and would love to get creative and find the colours that will flatter your skin colour/ skin tone then they are good products  to start with. 

The back of the packaging are the list of the ingredients used to make this products and as it says if irritation occurs discontinue use.

Do any of you guys tried this brand yet?

If you do let me know what you think of them.




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