You’re my AMBER LIGHTS!!!

This is one of my favourite eyeshadow palette the M.A.C. WARM NEUTRAL. And as always I start with my eyes its just my habit I suppose.

  1. BRULE applied all over with Morphe MB23
  2. SADDLE using the same brush applied a little above my crease, also used to contour my nose & bronze my face
  3. DARK BREW applied with SIGMA E25 on the outer and inner corner of the eyes blend blend 
  4. AMBER LIGHTS applied in the middle of my lid I think it looks similar to my INGLOT 83 pigment 
  5. Lemon tart used to highlight the inner most corner of my eyes tip of my nose & cupids bow
  6. Vanilla extract to highlight my brows 

My favourite concealer using it as eyeshadow base W7 concealer in shade light this is a GEM. It’s inexpensive and I think its way better than M.A.C. paint pot.

So since i thought AMBER LIGHTS was the same as my INGLOT 83 pigment I applied this body sparkler by INGLOT XL7 just to give a little bit dimension and more glam.

For my brows I just used this NYX MICRO brow pencil in Chocolate AMAZING!!!!!

For my foundation I used this two they are actually 2 shades lighter than my skin tone but I just have to make it work. They are nearly gone too and I would just like to create some makeup looks. CATRICE and REVLON are both full coverage foundation. REVLON would have more colour range than Catrice. Here I’m using Natural Tan & Apricot Beige. 

M.A.C fleur power for my blush

M.A.C whirl applied on its own for my lips.

Photo taken with my camera phone.

Last two photos taken with my camera and strong flash. 


Merliza đź‘„


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