I’m getting NAKED 

A lot of makeup lovers love the NAKED eyeshadow palette I thought I would love it too myself.  I didn’t purchase it even when beauty bloggers were raving about the product few years passed and I gave in. I have read blog after blog reviews on YOUTUBE’s now it’s my turn to say my thoughts about this eyeshadow palette. 

Packaging is made of hard cardboard wrapped with this luxurious velvet rich dark brown fabric and the imbosed NAKED in gold. It comes with a brush that is quite good I keep all the brushes I get from eyeshadow palettes they always come in handy. You get 12 eyeshadow each containing 1.3 grams not bad you do get good value for your money my only small problem is there’s only 2 matte shades NAKED and BUCK the rest are satin and shinmery finish. Now I love satin and shimmery finish but you do need matte shades in my opinion anyway. I have yet to try and create a cut crease eyemakeup look using just this palette and not reach for other brands I own in Matte finish. Do I recommend this eyeshadow palette for beginners yes and no. Depending on your eye shape I might stay away from very shimmery eyeshadow palettes if I have hooded eyes.  But if you know how to play with eyeshadow finishes colour and shades then this palette is good to have.  I do love the shimmery shades from this palette but I tend to mix it with other eyeshadow brands because I use Matte shades a lot.

Here  is a look I created using just the NAKED palette. 

Spotlight  or halo technique used NAKED & BUCK as transition and blending shades  Sin & Halfbaked applied in the center of my eyelids used sin to highlight my cupids bow as well. 

Comparison how the makeup photographs with direct flash and without flash.

I love the shades NAKED, Buck, Sin, Half Bake & Virgin.

Sin is handy to use as highlight too.

Do you own the NAKED palette? 

Do you use it a lot? Which colours do you use often? What is your favourite shade in the palette ?

Hugs & kisses



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