My niece was asking me what eyemakeup would she wear and she sent me a picture of the dress she was going to wear. I would usually advice someone to wear neutral shades browns, blacks, greys, champagnes nothing too crazy I suppose all depends on how you apply it too…blend blend blend all makeup artist and makeup guru will advice you to do just that.

This is the dress correct me if I’m wrong but to me this looks like baby pink but my niece said its nude ooooppsss am I colour blind or what. So I went through my eyeshadow palettes looked for baby pink shades can’t find a baby pink but there was HARAJUKU shade from my  Gwen Stefani palette so I used that one.

STARK -for my base colour helps to blend all colours easier 

ZONE & PUNK- for definition  since I will do a cut crease not a very harsh one though.

HARAJUKU ,BABY & STEADY-3 shimmer shades used but the main player is HARAJUKU 

The eyeliner is by MAYBELLINE gel liner in black. 

Let me guys know what you think of this makeup look?

Would you try wearing some pink shimmer as well?

Hugs & kisses

Merliza 💋👄



It’s a very warm shade of gold if anything it looks like the 18k yellow saudi gold. The metallic shade used here is a pure pigment from Barry M applied with INGLOT duraline.

All other eyeshadow used are from makeup geek.






For the eyeliner I’m wearing Maybelline gel liner in Black 2 pairs of WSP lashes to finish off this eyemakeup look.

Have a lovely day 😘😘

Hugs & kisses 


Glitter liner double cut crease.

My skin is not the best canvas for makeup but that’s just the way it is. I suppose I don’t take care of it properly. I don’t eat a well balanced diet I love sweets which is bad for our skin too enough said. I know a lot of you already have read a blog or 2 on how to have better skin. This blog is not about that sorry. But I will have to try to make my skin better.

This blog is about the makeup look I created today.  I used a mixture of product from the cheap to expensive product.

The eye primer you probably already know W7 concealer in Medium deep. Eyeshadows is by M.A.C.

I used BRULE, SADDLE, DARK BREW, & AMBER LIGHTS. Mascara is by Maybelline  go extreme check image on my last post .Lashes are by DODO lashes @dodolashes 

The Glitter liner is from a shop called DEALZ everything is like €1.49 so i picked up this glitter liner.

Packaging is pretty but I don’t think you will be able to use all the product in this container but thank God it’s just €1.49.

Yes I love INGLOT DURALINE so much and i definitely need a new bottle soon.

For the inner eye corner I used a mint shimmery eyeshadow as highlight  I think this is discontinued. 

For my brows I used ANASTASIA dip brow in Chocolate and NYX micro brow pencil in Chocolate too.

For foundation I used Rimmel Match perfection in 400 Natural Beige. I just picked up the Darkest shade available.  

On myself I don’t really like to wear heavy foundation since it will accentuate all my huge pores so 1 to 2 pumps that’s how much I used. Then I just go all Crazy with my eyemakeup.

Yeah it’s pretty Dramatic Neutral but Dramatic. 



Eye can’t decide which one is better…??

Eye makeup I have always been fascinated with eyemakeup,  about 5-6 years ago I won’t dare to wear bright colours or smokey dark eyeshadows. Although attempts has been made at the end of the day it always looked bad. The colours fade the eyeshadows creased it’s not a pretty look at all. The eyeliner flick I don’t know how I’m actually able to do it now maybe still not as perfect the way other girls do it but I try my best and I do practice quite a lot. 

Above are the different eyemakeup I have tried on myself. It’s obvious I like colourful shades but that doesn’t mean I dont love neutral eyeshadow, and if it makes sense I always always start with a neutral shade when doing my eyemakeup. Not all this eyemakeup look would flatter my eyes or even the shape of my face, sometimes I get it right sometimes I get it wrong. I’m very thankful its only makeup and I can just wipe it off and wash my face and voila I can start all over again. 


Merliza 👄


I always start with my eyes and I am obsessed with eyeshadows. I suppose the reason behind this is that long time ago when I didn’t know what I was doing with makeup my eyeshadows creased big time but not anymore my hard work stays on for up to 9 hours now. So this time lets start with what foundation I used.

INGLOT HD perfect cover up foundation #76 coverage is medium to full. I used my Sigma F80 to apply this on my face.

Bronzer or contour shade used is benefit HOOLA. I have this in my drawer and surprisingly i don’t use it that much i might wear it tomorrow. 

M.A.C fleur power blush very pretty shade of light mauve pink.

SLEEK highlighter palette in Precious metals used all the shades to highlight my inner corner tip of my nose and cupids bow.

My favourite part the eyes!!!

335 used as transition applied a little bit outside the crease area with SIGMA E40 brush.

307 applied on the crease using  SIGMA blending  E25 

340 applied on the outer corner of eyes  using  SIGMA  pencik E30 for depth 

24 applied in the middle of the lid using SIGMA  firm shader E57

Wearing my favourite lashes Amor us #43

Don’t forget to fill in the brows this time I used Brunette with Espresso by NYX tame & frame.

This is the finished look with ombre lip.

Used this 3 pencils and the sleek highlighter  NYX currant, pale pink & intense plum by L’oreal.

And then I tried to create a nude lip shade to change the look..

I titled this TEAL WE MEET AGAIN..because I thought the shade of the Eyeshadows I used were Teal I guess I’m wrong I think its just dark green.

Which look do you prefer? The ombre lip or nude lip?  Any colour suggestions ladies?

Makeup wear it your way💋




It’s becoming my favourite eyeshadow base it’s inexpensive and it does the job it might not last 24 hours like other primers would claim but it does last for hours.

My W7 concealer in medium deep applied all over my eyelid as eyeshadow primer.

For this look I’m using Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette 

  1. Stark is my first transition colour
  2. Zone for a bit of depth 
  3. Punk outer and inner corner part of my lid
  4. Pop placed in the middle of the lid its a SPOTLIGHT look I wanted to create  i think it ended up more like a Halo though
  5. Blonde used to highlight the innermost corner of my eyes

    For my brows NYX tame & Frame in Espresso and Chocolate  the darker shade is used for more definition. 

    Rimmel Scandaleyes in black for my waterline and tight lining my top lashes.

    The maybelline colossal extreme volume in black waterproof.  It can get very clumpy but i like it for my very short eyelashes I don’t think it’s suitable for people with very long eyelashes.

    This is one my favourite eyelashes the shape and length is flattering for my eye shape.

    So here is the SPOTLIGHT eyemakeup using Gwen Stefani palette. Moving on to my face products. 

    Maybelline fit me in 220 applied all over my face the I used the 355 to contour I find it a bit harder to contour with liquid but I will still try to use this foundation maybe mix it with my lighter one next time.

    SLEEK sugar blush palette uses Turbinadp and Demerara since they are Matte finish.

    MAXFACTOR lip liner in  brown n nude & mauve moment.  Very good formula glides perfectly doesn’t tug and good staying power beautiful shades one my favourites. 

    RCMA no color powder this is what I use all the time to set my makeup I even dust a small amount over when I apply concealer on my eyelids it makes it easier to blend the eyeshadow. 

    Maybelline super stay 24 hours setting spray. Now it doesn’t last 24 but it did last all day while I was out and about I think I even prefer this over my URBAN DECAY all nightet setting spray.  Great product and I’m sure I will purchase this again.

    I’m neutral today what harm I might do a colourful look tomorrow again. 

    Makeup wear it your way💋



    It’s like sunset on my eyes…

    Currently obsessed with orchids at the moment and I’m in love with my new Orchids 

    So I created a look inspired by it 

    1. Makeup geek Chickadee 
    2. NABLA Fahrenheit 
    3. Makeup geek Bitten
    5. INGLOT 103

    For foundation I used Revlon colorstay in Natural Tan combination oily. Sleek highlight in SOLSTICE all shades used on inner corner of my eyes tip of my nose bit on my cheeks and lips.

    For the brows I used all NYX products tame and frame in Chocolate and Espresso Micro eye pencil in Chocolate.

    Remember….Makeup wear it your way👄👄

    Love lots 

    Merliza 👄



    My friend rocks this Seventeen Green eyeshadow it compliments her eyes so much and I love it so I told her I need to have that eyeshadow myself.

    My friend doesn’t wear lashes, foundation,brow pencil, blush or lipstick, just this GREEN eyeshadow blackliner and loads of Mascara and Voila and she owns and rocks the look!!

    Me on the other hand wears loads of products to create a makeup look and here is the list.

    1. Catrice prime and fine mattifying longlasting oil free primer.
    2. Maxfactor colour Adapt in 75 Golden
    3. Physicians Formula bronzing powder 
    4. SLEEK highlighting powder in SOLSTICE  (love this product)
    5. M.A.C soft brown & saddle
    6. INGLOT 77 gel liner
    7. SEVENTEEN EYE eyeshadow in GREEN 
    8. W7 GO CONCEALER medium deep eyeshadow base
    9. Wet’n’wild chestnut lip pencil 
    10. Glam eye #38 lashes
    11. Maybelline the Colossal go Extreme Volume mascara 
    12. RCMA setting powder
    13. NYX micro brow pencil in Brunette 

    The result is this.I have a hooded eye my friend doesn’t.  Maybe next time I’ll do a cut crease look using the same colour. What do you guys think?

    Taken with a flash  foundation was not bad at all i don’t know about the staying power just yet but if you have dry skin this will pretty much stay on for 4-6 I think.  I will try to use this tomorrow and see how long the foundation will last.

    And I have to look down a small bit obviously to show my green eyelids/eyeshadow. No contouring products were used for this makeup look just bronzer & highlight.
    Makeup wear it your way💋💋

    Thanks for dropping by




    Products used:

    1. Catrice prime and fine pore refining anti shine base (primer)
    2. Kett fixx creme makeup in R5 (foundation)
    3. Revlon colorstay combination oily Natural tan 330 (foundation)
    4. W7 go concealer medium deep (eye base)
    5. INGLOT 312, 335 Makeup geek ENVY , SECRET GARDEN +Green Glitter 
    6. Maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel liner in black
    7. DODO lashes D105
    8. Anastasia Beverly hills dip brow pomade in Chocolate 
    9. Essence long lasting eye pencil in I HAVE GREEN.
    10. INGLOT 511 HD sculpting powder 49 blush powder
    11. SLEEK highlighting palette in SOLSTICE 
    12. WET’N’WILF chestnut marron
    13. M.A.C Velvet Teddy
    14. RCMA no colour powder

    I kept asking my husband was the Glitter over the top and he said no its lovely!

    Do you like glitters too? Would you wear a glittery eyemakeup? 

    Makeup wear it your way💋




    I have a habit of starting my makeup with my eyes specially if I’m doing a dramatic one. I’m using W7 Concealer in medium deep all over my lid this is becoming my favourite.

    An oldie but a goody SLEEK palette in VINTAGE ROMANCE . I used the colours Propose in Prague, Honeymoon in Hollywood,  Forever in Florence, Marry in Monte Carlo, Love in London.

    For the big flick eyeliner I used Rimmel waterproof in black and INGLOT duraline.

    For the brows I used NYX tame and frame in Chocolate & Espresso. W7 medium deep to correct and highlight.

    Wearing 2 different shades MAX FACTOR 75 Golden is too light for me I need to darken it a small bit with Maybelline Fit me 355.

    For blush I’m using the SLEEK blush palette in Sugar Turbinado & Muscovado. Very pigmented blush applies well and blends easily.

    SLEEK HIGHLIGHT in Precious Metals I used all colours why not!!!

    For the lips I lined my lips with Maxfactor in Pink Petal, Wet’n’wild in Chestnut Marron topped with L.A SPLASH smitten lip tint mousse  in NYMPHAEA. 

    Setting the makeup with another favourite RCMA no color powder. I just love this setting powder. You can purchase RCMA no colour powder at http://www.camerareadycosmetics.com 

    This look won’t be complete without a dramatic lash from Dodo lashes. Check out this babies they are AMAZING http://www.dodolashes.com

    Here’s  the finished look.

    Let me guys know what you think?

    Do you have the SLEEK Vintage Romance palette would you do a smokey purple look?

    Have you tried any of the products I’m wearing for this makeup look? Let me know.

    Makeup wear it your way💋