I’m getting NAKED 

A lot of makeup lovers love the NAKED eyeshadow palette I thought I would love it too myself.  I didn’t purchase it even when beauty bloggers were raving about the product few years passed and I gave in. I have read blog after blog reviews on YOUTUBE’s now it’s my turn to say my thoughts about this eyeshadow palette. 

Packaging is made of hard cardboard wrapped with this luxurious velvet rich dark brown fabric and the imbosed NAKED in gold. It comes with a brush that is quite good I keep all the brushes I get from eyeshadow palettes they always come in handy. You get 12 eyeshadow each containing 1.3 grams not bad you do get good value for your money my only small problem is there’s only 2 matte shades NAKED and BUCK the rest are satin and shinmery finish. Now I love satin and shimmery finish but you do need matte shades in my opinion anyway. I have yet to try and create a cut crease eyemakeup look using just this palette and not reach for other brands I own in Matte finish. Do I recommend this eyeshadow palette for beginners yes and no. Depending on your eye shape I might stay away from very shimmery eyeshadow palettes if I have hooded eyes.  But if you know how to play with eyeshadow finishes colour and shades then this palette is good to have.  I do love the shimmery shades from this palette but I tend to mix it with other eyeshadow brands because I use Matte shades a lot.

Here  is a look I created using just the NAKED palette. 

Spotlight  or halo technique used NAKED & BUCK as transition and blending shades  Sin & Halfbaked applied in the center of my eyelids used sin to highlight my cupids bow as well. 

Comparison how the makeup photographs with direct flash and without flash.

I love the shades NAKED, Buck, Sin, Half Bake & Virgin.

Sin is handy to use as highlight too.

Do you own the NAKED palette? 

Do you use it a lot? Which colours do you use often? What is your favourite shade in the palette ?

Hugs & kisses




My niece was asking me what eyemakeup would she wear and she sent me a picture of the dress she was going to wear. I would usually advice someone to wear neutral shades browns, blacks, greys, champagnes nothing too crazy I suppose all depends on how you apply it too…blend blend blend all makeup artist and makeup guru will advice you to do just that.

This is the dress correct me if I’m wrong but to me this looks like baby pink but my niece said its nude ooooppsss am I colour blind or what. So I went through my eyeshadow palettes looked for baby pink shades can’t find a baby pink but there was HARAJUKU shade from my  Gwen Stefani palette so I used that one.

STARK -for my base colour helps to blend all colours easier 

ZONE & PUNK- for definition  since I will do a cut crease not a very harsh one though.

HARAJUKU ,BABY & STEADY-3 shimmer shades used but the main player is HARAJUKU 

The eyeliner is by MAYBELLINE gel liner in black. 

Let me guys know what you think of this makeup look?

Would you try wearing some pink shimmer as well?

Hugs & kisses

Merliza 💋👄


I actually did not start with my eye makeup this time. I’m using the APP Snapchat “Merlzmakeup” to do small video clips on how I did my makeup looks You Tube takes more time than this and I don’t have that much time in my hands to film a YouTube videos.

MEHRON HD PRO celebre foundation palette one of my most loved foundations. I fell in love with this foundation even  before I found out that Kylie Jenners Makeup artist used this on her.

Ofcourse after  the foundation I moved on to my favourite part the eyeshadow !!!!

  1. NAKED as transition shade 
  2. BUCK for depth 
  3. CREEP  outer corner 
  4. DARKHORSE outer thirds of the eye
  5. SIDECAR inner corner 
  6. SMOG applied on top of sidecar don’t ask me why I just love to use as much colour as possible 
  7. HUSTLE lower lash line
  8. SIN used as highlight for my eyes inner most corner, cupids bow &  nose

INGLOT HD sculpting powder in shade 512 very pigmented so need extra care applying this light hands please.


Fast becoming my favorite lip liner Chestnut/Marron Wet’N’Wild value for money & AMAZING product 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Using this 2 light from my lipstick palette to create an Ombre lip colour I can’t remember the names of this lipstick I was just very excited to depot and make my own Lip palette. Set with your favourite setting powder I use RCMA no color powder all the time. 

So this is the eyemakeup look.

What are your favourite shades from UD NAKED palette.  I used SIN quite a lot here on this look. Would have been great if it has more matte shades. 


It’s becoming my favourite eyeshadow base it’s inexpensive and it does the job it might not last 24 hours like other primers would claim but it does last for hours.

My W7 concealer in medium deep applied all over my eyelid as eyeshadow primer.

For this look I’m using Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette 

  1. Stark is my first transition colour
  2. Zone for a bit of depth 
  3. Punk outer and inner corner part of my lid
  4. Pop placed in the middle of the lid its a SPOTLIGHT look I wanted to create  i think it ended up more like a Halo though
  5. Blonde used to highlight the innermost corner of my eyes

    For my brows NYX tame & Frame in Espresso and Chocolate  the darker shade is used for more definition. 

    Rimmel Scandaleyes in black for my waterline and tight lining my top lashes.

    The maybelline colossal extreme volume in black waterproof.  It can get very clumpy but i like it for my very short eyelashes I don’t think it’s suitable for people with very long eyelashes.

    This is one my favourite eyelashes the shape and length is flattering for my eye shape.

    So here is the SPOTLIGHT eyemakeup using Gwen Stefani palette. Moving on to my face products. 

    Maybelline fit me in 220 applied all over my face the I used the 355 to contour I find it a bit harder to contour with liquid but I will still try to use this foundation maybe mix it with my lighter one next time.

    SLEEK sugar blush palette uses Turbinadp and Demerara since they are Matte finish.

    MAXFACTOR lip liner in  brown n nude & mauve moment.  Very good formula glides perfectly doesn’t tug and good staying power beautiful shades one my favourites. 

    RCMA no color powder this is what I use all the time to set my makeup I even dust a small amount over when I apply concealer on my eyelids it makes it easier to blend the eyeshadow. 

    Maybelline super stay 24 hours setting spray. Now it doesn’t last 24 but it did last all day while I was out and about I think I even prefer this over my URBAN DECAY all nightet setting spray.  Great product and I’m sure I will purchase this again.

    I’m neutral today what harm I might do a colourful look tomorrow again. 

    Makeup wear it your way💋



    Full makeup look using affordable products except for NAKED 3 palette.

    As you can see on the image above most products are from affordable brands except for the Naked 3 palette Ben Nye powder a Professional product but if you love makeup you can still purchase it from http://www.camerareadycosmetics.com  for makeup junkie like me or from http://www.lovemakeup.co.uk

    1. Foundation -Maybelline fit me 220 Natural beige
    2. Setting powder-Ben Nye colorless powder
    3. Bronzer-Rimmel  025 Sun Glow
    4. Blush- Essence guerilla gardening cream to powder blush 02 floral glam
    5. Concealer-w7 GO concealer in medium deep
    6. Brows-NYX tame & Frame in Chocolate &Espresso
    7. Eyeshadow-URBAN DECAY NAKED 3 in shades Strange,Nooner,Darkside,Blackheart,Buzz,Dust,Mugshot
    8. Mascara- Maybelline the Colossal GO Extreme volume
    9. Eyeliner-Rimmel waterproof gel liner in Black 001
    10. Lashes-Amor us #100
    11. Lips-wet’n’wild coloricon in 664c fab fuchsia + NYX in MILK for ombre effect look on the lips.

    12.Lips- OCC lip tar interlace + essence gel liner  on 07 cloudy white for light baby pink lip colouEdit

    Picture above taken the same day different natural lighting notice how the colours change no filters were used on thie images just the effect of lighting. Top left is where I used the OCC lip tar and Essense gel liner in cloudy white to create a different colour.

    Above are the close up picture of the eye makeup lashes are very long & thick very suitable for Glam Party looks can be used for bridal makeup as well if big lashes is your thing. Great for photography too.

    Let me know what you guys think of this look?

    Do you have the NAKED 3 palette? Would you add it to your makeup collection?

    Would you guys love me to do a review on any products you see in the picture above?

    Thanks for dropping by remember

    Makeup wear it your way💋💋


    Beauty Killer by Jeffree Star inspired eyemakeup.

    I think I did a similar look a long time ago. Have you guys heard of Jeffree Star Beauty Killer palette? Below is a photograph of the palette and swatches.

    @jeffreestarcosmetics. This palette reminded me of UD Electric palette Jeffree Star Beauty Killer palette has 8 very wearable shades if your a person who loves neutrals this palette might not appeal to you that much. I on the other hand love eyeshadow palettes colourful ones appeal to me as much as the neautral shades. Would have loved to own this palette but its sold out and is not cheap either. So I thought why not creat an eye makeup look using some eyeshadows I already have that are close dupes for this palette.

    So here are the colours I used Savage (UD electric palette) Goldmine & Nylon (M.A.C) and INGLOT shadows in 124,615,450. 

    Second look I just applied the purples over the gold eyeshadow to create a second look. Makeup is fun mix & match colours try different combinations the possibility is endless you will never know if a colourful eyeshadow would actually compliment your eyes if you don’t try. And if you want to stay all neutral that’s fine too.

    Do you have eyeshadows you think is a close dupe to the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer palette? Would you purchase this palette for yourself? If you do just remember….

    Makeup wear it your way👄💋



    Can you spot where BECCA Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill is???

    I always enjoyed reading blogs about makeup products looking at pictures and colour swatches. Watching you tube videos on how to highlight & contour and how to do the perfect wing liner. A you  tuber named Jaclyn Hill took highlighting to a different level I watch her videos by the way and she is very very good at what she does. The picture above shows a swatch of 3 highlighters, 3 single eyeshadows and an eyeshadow palette. My question is can you guess which one is Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne pop by BECCA which on its first day of launching was sold out straight away.

    I love shimmery makeup products in general even when I swatch makeup products I always tend to fall in love with something very shimmery now that’s just me I still love MATTES though.

    Now going back to highlighters I myself can’t really wear them well specially on my cheek area because I definitely don’t want to highlight any large pores I own. When I use highlighters I would mainly apply them on my cupids bow , brow bone , bridge of my nose (made up one) 😘 on my cheeks i do it ever so lightly.  But yeah some girls can ROCK the highlighting game me nah not really I still love them though.

    Moving  on…..

    Tadaahh here are the products and truth be told I reach for the cheapest one to wear myself nothing against BECCA Jaclyn Hill Champagne pop lovers.. I love this highlighter too just want to let others know that you have other options as well. Now they say its universally flattering maybe that us true. Maybe it does look well on most girls. It does go on nicely very buttery and the pigmentation is just amazing having said that the cheaper alternative also performs well.  

    And if you think you can’t wear eyeshadows as highlighters you’re wrong if you can apply it on your eyes then surely you can use it on your cheeks, brow bone & cupids bow only be careful what shade to use as Highlighter make sure it compliments your skin tones 😘😘

    Tell me which of the swatched shades above is your most preferred?.

    Makeup wear it your way😘


    Urban Decay Gwen Stafani…Blue Smokey eyes will you give it try?

    Most products used for this look is Urban Decay cosmetics.

    Foundation is by Kevyn Aucoin SX11 i bought the sample from http://www.camerareadycosmetics.com. I think its time I purchase the full size love this foundation so versatile highly pigmented use as concealer or foundation possibility is endless. Concealer is by UD naked in shade Light Neutral.

    For the brows I used Anastasia Beverly hills in Chocolate INGLOT gel liner #77 Maybelline great lash mascara waterproof and Essence  eye pencil in Cool down applied on my lower lashline.

    Using UD Gwen Stafani in..

    Stark , Zone ,Danger, Punk & Pop. The formula of the shadows are a bit powdery so I advice to do the eyes first before doing your foundation.

    Lashes used are by AMOR US #118 & WSP

    Blush is also by UD Gwen Stafani in the shade LO-FI & OC.

    Kiss my honey is applied on my lips first to keep it moisturised. Using the lipstick sample in Ex Girlfriend.

    Finished this look with Maybelline super stay setting spray and Maybelline super stay in Nude 

    Would you give the Blue smokey eyes a try ?

    Let me know what you think of this look guy?

    Makeup wear it your way👄